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Admanager.fm launches a new self-serve audio advertising platform

Admanager.fm  launches a new self-serve audio advertising platform connecting brands and SMEs to top podcast and music streaming networks.

Next Broadcast Media announced the launch of Admanager.fm, a self-serve audio ad manager for businesses to plan, launch and manage audio ads on a simple dashboard. Admanager.fm will serve brands in the UAE, KSA, and other global locations, making the management of audio campaigns as simple as a social media campaign.

Founder of Next Broadcast Media, Adel Saadi says “Next Broadcast Media is an audio-only specialized business and we’re committed to making audio advertising affordable, accessible, and effective – for every business. This is exactly what Admanager.fm is designed to do; it’s one platform where our customers can access inventory for all the leading music, podcast, webradio and gaming platforms – and have full control over it too.”

Admanager.fm is one of the first programmatic self-serve infrastructures for audio, that dynamically inserts audio spots into podcasts, music-on-demand, and web-radio; in real-time. Features of the dashboard include creation, planning, optimization, and reporting. This tool is an especially positive move for SME’s and startups in the region that face multiple barriers towards entering audio advertising.

Adel says “There is phenomenal growth in audio advertising, but there are multiple barriers compromising access – time and budget is the most common because of the resource and minimum media spend required. With Admanager.fm we are transforming this process. Instead of weeks, a minimum investment of $5k, and low campaign control – it’s now just 5 minutes, a minimum spend of $250, and full campaign control. It’s a total game-changer for small and growing businesses”.

 Why access to audio advertising is transformative for SME’s

  • On average audio is 4x more cost-effective at triggering online searches than other media combined. Brand browsing is boosted by 52% after listeners hear audio ads.
  • Audio increases brand uplift – the best performers achieving 12x higher rates than other media. Web-centric businesses do best in this category.
  • Audio triggers immediate action. Research shows over half of the stimulated browsing takes place within 24-hours of being exposed to an ad.
  • Audio ads are highly creative and award opportunities to showcase a brand’s narrative.

Next Broadcast Media is the only UAE-based programmatic audio ad specialist. For the launch of Admanager.fm they partnered with leading platforms and networks on a local and global scale to give brands and agencies access to huge inventory and vast targeting options, all in one place. It is currently the only self-service platform that offers ad spots for top podcast platforms as well as top music platforms.

“Admanager.fm will help advertisers reach more targeted, niche audiences at scale. Our priority was to onboard a range of key partners in order to provide inventory across a range of shows, platforms, networks, and devices. We’re proud to launch Admanager.fm with leading networks – as well as self-serve exclusivity with top regional podcast networks already available via Next Broadcast Media.” continues Adel.

The audio ad manager technology was created by Next Broadcast Media and designed to give full control to the advertiser, including where ads run and the listeners they reach, increasing brand safety. The front-end of the dashboard for campaign setup, monitoring, and reporting is easy to understand, accessible from a smartphone, and as familiar as top social media self-service ad managers.

Adel says “Audio is a growing medium but still new enough for it to be a new advertising channel for many businesses. The dashboard is made to have the familiarity of other commonly used ad managers and be simple to use, to ease hesitancy for new channel users.” 

Admanager.fm is live now and free to sign-up. Visit admanager.fm