A 30,000 square metre display, 3 world records and 2 skyscrapers

BUREAU BÉATRICE and One Za'abeel created an awe-inspiring canvas that set many new records

Image credity: Saï / Stéphane Aït Ouarab

A 30,000 square metre display, three Guinness World Records and two skyscrapers – these are the figures behind a collaboration between BUREAU BÉATRICE and One Za’abeel.

The luxury creative technology company’s first record was for the largest architectural projection-mapped display (temporary). Using the backdrop of One Za’abeel, it created an awe-inspiring display covering an expansive 30,662 square metres.

The remarkable feat was realised using the dynamic canvas provided by One Za’abeel’s two iconic skyscrapers, standing tall at heights of 235 metres and 305 metres respectively.

The captivating display, which unfolded over seven minutes, “transformed the cityscape into a dazzling tapestry of light and colour, setting a new standard for creativity and technological prowess,” BUREAU BÉATRICE said.

The record-breaking achievements were achieved during a launch event last month.

The collaboration also clinched the record for the longest architectural projection-mapped display (temporary), spanning an impressive distance of 272.25 metres.

The projection, stretching across the length of One Za’abeel’s structures and the unique horizontal bridge known as ‘The Link,’ showcased the agency’s ability to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

BUREAU BÉATRICE and One Za’abeel also achieved the record for the largest mesh screen on a building (multiple screens), boasting a total area of 28,665 square metres.

Kevin Alderweireldt, Co-Founder and CEO BUREAU BÉATRICE, said: “Our vision has always been to harness the power of technology to create unforgettable experiences that inspire and captivate audiences.

“Setting three Guinness World Records is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.”

Jon S. Maloy, CO-Founder and CCO of BUREAU BÉATRICE, added: “These record-breaking achievements underscore our commitment to redefining the way brands and organisations connect with their audience.

“We are proud to have collaborated with One Za’abeel on this historic project and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of creative technology.”