Mercedes-Benz promotes equal opportunities for women in latest campaign

Mercedes-Benz has launched a new global campaign titled ‘Be one of many’ for International Women’s Day. 

It aims to promote equal opportunities for women and provides a platform for them to share their experiences and successes. 

The campaign gives a glimpse into the lives of three female entrepreneurs and communicates the message that traditional gender roles and stereotypes should no longer limit women’s aspirations and opportunities.

Three women from different walks of life give insights into how they see themselves and their perspectives.  Featuring author and entrepreneur Aya Jaff, head chef and restaurant owner Dalad Kambhu and Mercedes-Benz manager Alexandra Straßburger. 

By showcasing women who have excelled in traditionally male-dominated professions such as entrepreneurship, culinary arts, and corporate management, it challenges outdated perceptions and highlights the importance of individual talent, skill, and determination regardless of gender.

Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Communications & Marketing, Mercedes‐Benz AG, said: “With the continuation of the ‘Be one of many’ campaign for International Women’s Day, we’re promoting diversity and equal opportunities. We seek to encourage women to confidently claim their places in life. As a brand with global relevance, we want to inspire people to see things in new ways and use our social media reach for positive change, beyond today’s International Women’s Day.”

Mercedes-Benz has been promoting equal opportunities and an inclusive corporate culture for many years. The brand and campaign encourages ongoing dialogue and action towards achieving gender equality in all aspects of society.

By 2030, the company seeks to have 30 per cent of women in senior management positions worldwide. Currently this share is at almost 26 per cent. The Board of Management at Mercedes-Benz is 37.5 per cent female; three of the eight members of the Board of Management are women.


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