‿ and us and BlackBox Studio in partnership with Puma launches new campaign

The creative campaign driven by a formidable film rekindles the passion for sports and entertainment

A new era of football has been ignited in Saudi Arabia, with the rise of the world’s players being selected to play for Al Hilal Football Club.

Saudi Arabia’s football club has recently set the stage for global sensations such as Neymar, Mitrović, Malcom, Koulibaly, Rúben Neves, and Milinković-Savić. This was just the beginning.

‿ and us agency and BlackBox Studio in partnership with Puma, saw this as an opportunity to produce a captivating campaign in the worlds of sport and entertainment for Al Hilal Saudi Football Club.

With the launch of this season’s on September 3, the realisation of an opportunity for a strong campaign drew its inspiration from the club’s name, ‘Al Hilal,’ which translates to the crescent. 

It symbolises the club’s relentless strive for progress, unity, and resilience.

Ricardo Amaral, Team Head of Marketing GCC at PUMA, said: “Introducing Al Hilal’s striking new 3rd kit in bold black, the campaign heralds a new lunar phase, symbolising the club’s adaptability and readiness for fresh beginnings and challenges.”

The result is a creative campaign, driven by a film that rekindles the passion for the industries of sports and entertainment.

It seamlessly aligns the moon’s eternal cycles with Al Hilal’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, uniting supporters in pride and solidarity, to create and rewrite history once again.

Achieved  by capturing the essence of Al Hilal’s new jersey, the dominant bold black and dark blue hues have been redefined and repositioned as an ever-present symbol of strength and tradition.

Fadi Yaish, CEO and Creative Chairman at And Us Group, said:“We wanted to create a body of work that reflects the new energy and vibes in the world of sport and entertainment today, anchored in Saudi Arabia through the great opportunity Puma and Al Hilal have introduced to us.

“The result marks a new and exceptional standard of work, that we hope attracts more interest in elevating the marketing and communication of sport and entertainment to higher ground, in parallel to the ambition of Saudi Arabia.”

With the club’s remarkable transformation over the summer, highlighted by the notable international signings and a record-setting number of titles and trophies within Saudi Arabia and Asia,

It’s evident that this campaign marks the beginning of a new chapter and builds upon the club’s iconic history, leading into the next.

As the team gunning for success in the Saudi Pro League, the King Cup, the AFC Champions League, the Arab Club Champions Cup and the Super Cup, the Al Hilal kit has launched with a film that not only highlights the tenacious side of Saudi’s respected football team, but also blends art, tradition, and innovation to commemorate this significant milestone.

Saymon Medeiros, Creative Director of ‿ and us, said: “The accompanying film for this campaign mirrors the  spirit of Al Hilal Saudi Football Club, urging everyone to raise their heads and open their eyes to the journey ahead.

“Al Hilal is the crescent moon, creating ripples that drives the club forward, casting darkness over rivals, while illuminating the sky for the fans.”