5 consumer habits that change in Ramadan

GoDaddy Inc. has shared the changes in consumer behaviour during the holy month of Ramadan.

“Understanding consumer changes is crucial as businesses navigate the unique sales opportunities during Ramadan,” says, Selina Bieber, Vice President for International Markets at GoDaddy.

Below are five consumer changes often seen during Ramadan:

Increase in online shopping

With shorter working hours during Ramadan, people in the UAE have limited time to reach physical shopping destinations before iftar, the meal that breaks the fast.

Online shopping ends up experiencing a surge during Ramadan in the UAE. According to a survey by Google in 2022, e-commerce sales in the Middle East increased by 61 per cent during Ramadan, with clothing and electronics being the most popular categories.

Shift in timings

Due to changed working hours in Ramadan, consumers are mostly online and shopping between 11 AM and 6 PM and then again from 11 PM to 3 AM, with the highest peak being between 2 PM and 3 PM, which is the time just before people leave their offices.

Increase in Consumers’ Acceptance of New Products

Consumers are more receptive in Ramadan to trying new products and supporting local businesses.

In the Middle East, 78 per cent of respondents express interest in exploring new brands during their Ramadan shopping spree.

Bargain Hunting

Despite the openness to novelty, the most significant factors that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions continue to be price and discounts.

TGM 2023 Ramadan Insights in the UAE has shown that an overwhelming majority (95 per cent) of shoppers prioritise affordability during this period, with discounts also playing a crucial role in influencing their buying behaviour (93 per cent).

Socially Conscious Consumption

Ramadan is a month of generosity and giving. The increased focus on charitable giving influences consumer behaviour, as people may be more inclined to support businesses that are involved in charitable initiatives or donate a portion of their sales to charitable causes.