YallaGive provides ways to donate to help Beirut

As the dust settles in Beirut following two huge explosions which devastated the port and surrounding area, thousands of people all over the world have offered their support in an attempt to get the beautiful city back on its feet. The outpouring of support in the form of donations of food, clothing and financial aid has been phenomenal; however, there is still so much to do.

While there are many ways to personally help those affected by this catastrophic accident, the safest way to do so is through an official channel such as YallaGive. YallaGive are the first licensed online donation and crowdfunding platform in the UAE. The site offers personal crowdfunding and online fundraising for members around the world. YallaGive are proud to be the first platform of its kind that provides fully-authenticated services entirely based on block chain technology where privacy, authenticity, and efficiency is key, they accept Cryptocurrency donations, such as Bitcoin. Their mission is to make the world a better place by empowering innovative fundraising and providing trusted services for both donors and causes.

YallaGive works hand in hand with Red Crescent UAE and Penny Appeal Middle East as well as with local organizations in Lebanon; Ajialouna Organization and Nusaned, in raising funds online to provide aid to people impacted by the blast.

Abdulla Al Nuaimi (featured), Founder, YallaGive, said: “I was shocked to learn about the huge humanitarian catastrophe caused by this explosion, we have mobilised our resources quickly to work with legitimate organisations that deliver vital work on the ground. We have also asked our staff to work extra hours during the first few days so that we provide swift approvals for new charities and campaigns and also provide any support needed from our side, there is an urgent need and everyone is keen to help. Thanks to our donors and fundraisers community, now we have a few active campaigns that are receiving generous donations from individuals and corporates. I thank the UAE communities for their adequate awareness about the legality of fundraising regulations in the UAE and their adherence in using legitimate and approved platforms such as YallaGive, to send their aids to the right organizations via the right channels.”

Currently YallaGive are working with the following causes to help support the people of Beirut:

(UAE) Emirates Red Crescent: Beirut Explosion Emergency Relief Fund

(UAE) Penny Appeal Middle East: Lebanon Emergency

(Lebanon) Ajialouna Organization: Help Rebuild Beirut

(Lebanon) Nusaned: Emergency Response to Beirut Explosion