YAAP appoints Nandita Saggu as Partner

YAAP, a new-age specialised content and influencer marketing company, announced the appointment of Nandita Saggu as Partner to help drive the company’s growth and expansion in the Middle East. She is known for leading high-performing teams and striking high-value deals in the region.

Saggu has more than18 years of experience across sectors and domains, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, FinTech, e-learning, SaaS tech, AI, custom web and mobile development, and performance and social media marketing. Before joining YAAP, she was the Chief Growth Officer at DViO, leading the digital agency’s Middle East operations. Saggu has a demonstrated track record of building startups’ client bases from scratch and driving exponential revenue growth — stints with Facelift GmbH, Blue Logic Digital, and mid- and large-size firms such as Dun & Bradstreet and Future Group exemplify it.

“We are excited for Nandita Saggu to join our growing team and help accelerate our growth in the Middle East,” said Arshad Zaheer, Senior Partner at YAAP. “With her wealth of experience in digital technology and her proven track record in driving business growth, we are confident that she will be an invaluable asset to our team as we look to expand our reach in the Middle East.”

Digital technology is Saggu’s forte, nurtured throughout the evolutionary phase of digitalisation in the last couple of decades. With YAAP, Saggu intends to identify and leverage technologies, such as Web 3.0 and AI, to tap into emerging opportunities, enhance customer engagement, and scale the business sustainably. In the short term, her priority is to execute high-value deals, drive profitable digital strategies, and build customer relationships on a foundation of trust and value creation.

“I am looking forward to adding impetus to YAAP’s expansion across the region and enabling more businesses to scale their digital marketing efforts tangibly and effectively,” said Nandita Saggu. “Through disciplined financial planning, pertinent technology adoption, and effective stakeholder management, I aspire to propel YAAP to new heights in the region and beyond.”

Last year, YAAP acquired Crayons Communications, an advertising agency in the Middle East. Most recently, it partnered with US-based influencer marketing tool, Tagger Media, a self-serve platform, facilitating the latter’s entry into the Middle East and India.