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Women’s magazine Laisha produces one issue for men

After 3,942 issues for women, ‘Laisha’ women’s magazine published one issue for men, in order to encourage violent men to take responsibility and get help.

The social discourse surrounding domestic violence almost always focuses on women and ignores the responsibility of men. According to the magazine, “While we often tell women they should recognize the warning signs, report, seek help, and take care of themselves and their children, we tend to see men’s violence as an inherent characteristic that can’t be changed, and therefore we don’t even try to approach them.”

This year, for the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women, “Laisha” women’s magazine made its boldest move in its 76-year history by publishing its first ever issue devoted specifically to violent men, in an effort to encourage them to be brave, accept responsibility for their behavior, and seek out help.

‘One Issue for Men’ includes articles, personal stories of “former” violent men, important information and relevant assistance channels. It was written by the ‘Laisha’ team in collaboration with professional parties.

Almost all “Laisha” issues reach homes with men, and they hope that the men will be brave enough to open this issue and read it. A lot of unspoken things are in there. Both inside the magazine, and inside the violent man. It’s time for them to come out.


Agency: blanco
Senior copywriter: Gefen Fertig
Chief creative officer – Daniel Bnaya
CEO: Eviatar Sadon
Client: Laisha
Graphic designer: Michal Sharon
Editor in chief: Karina Shtotland