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Winners‘ Circle: LPS on winning Social Media Agency of the Year

Aasim Shaik, Managing Director, LPS

Tell us why you think you won the award?

We are honoured to be recognised as the best social media and production outfit in the region. I would attribute this to a combination of factors.

Constant innovation in a fast-paced communications landscape has been the key to our success and we have been fiercely proactive regarding our capabilities mix.

This includes new platforms like gaming, live, technology-enabled services and tapping into new digital communities for brands. We have combined these with a relentless brand-first mindset and a focus on building a great team culture which looks at disruption as a norm. 

How will the award help you/your agency?

The award is a recognition of our work in all its forms and vindicates our native social approach to brand solutions. Independent agencies are constantly looking to find their centre as the communications goal posts shift. These awards remind us that we are in the right direction and highlight our work amongst current and potential partners. 

What makes these awards unique?

The AOTY awards by Campaign Middle East are a celebration of the finest works amongst the marketing communications agency fraternity and at the same time, a comprehensive assessment of the business prowess
within the industry. This dual focus combined with a global standing, makes the awards unique.  

What is new in the world of integrated marketing?

It has been discussed for a while now, that digital, social and offline channels ought to be seamless in strategy. However, we are seeing this come to light in practice currently in the second half of 2023.

Platforms and technology have enabled the taps for this to happen, and marketing campaigns/ workflows have to be redefined to be relevant and thrive. 

How are customers’ demands changing?

Customers are looking for bespoke products and one-to-one customisation, enabled by technology. 

How important is your team?

Our team is core to the agency’s success. What makes it interesting and unique at LPS is that established creatives work alongside talented and upcoming native platforms experts from gaming, short-form video and AI prompt engineers for brand campaigns and the nature of this collaboration brings strength to our proposition.