Connections, culture and a brighter future

PepsiCo AMESA's Karim ElFiqi spoke to Campaign reporter Sonia Majumder about the brand’s new visual identity and vision

For over 60 years, PepsiCo has been an integral part of Saudi Arabia’s rich history, shaping the F&B landscape and contributing to the market. Since its inception in 1957, PepsiCo has witnessed and invested in the Kingdom’s remarkable journey, inspired by the passion and ambition of its people.

Today, PepsiCo stands as the largest F&B conglomerate in the Kingdom, with iconic beverages like Pepsi, Mirinda, 7-UP, Mountain Dew, and Aquafina, alongside delicious snacks like Lay’s, Tasali, Sunbites, Quavers, Cheetos, Doritos, and Quaker Oats, bringing joy to Saudi consumers.

Our success in Saudi Arabia is deeply rooted in our human-centric approach. By contributing to the local community and tapping into the passion points with the Saudi youth, we’ve forged strong connections with consumers, becoming an integral part of key moments and events in the Kingdom.

Collaborations like our “Pepsi Music” campaign, where we partnered with popular Saudi musicians, have allowed us to engage young people through exclusive concerts and music releases, immersing ourselves in the vibrant local music scene.

As Saudi Arabia continues its journey of transformation, PepsiCo remains committed to being a steadfast partner in realising Vision 2030’s aspirations.

Through creativity, dedication, and a deep understanding of local culture, we aim to leave an indelible mark on Saudi Arabia’s evolving F&B landscape, inspiring future generations and shaping a more prosperous tomorrow.

Our recent unveiling of Pepsi’s revamped appearance at AlUla earlier this year was a testament to this commitment, paying homage to Saudi culture while ushering in a rejuvenated brand identity on a global stage.

Pepsi understands the pulse of its consumers and connects with its audiences through its passion points. This time, keeping sports at the center stage, Pepsi in KSA has launched its new platform – ‘Where there’s a ball, there’s a Pepsi,’.

This platform is a dynamic partnership uniting the worlds of football and refreshment in an unprecedented way and is all set to energize football fans across Saudi Arabia, bringing together the excitement of the UEFA Champions League (UCL), the passion of the Saudi Pro League, and the immersive experience of EA Sports FC. 

The resonant mantra, “Where there’s a ball, there’s a Pepsi,” struck a chord with football aficionados across Saudi Arabia. Through ventures such as the Goal Challenge, Pepsi extended an invitation for fans to immerse themselves in the pulse of the game and vie for exclusive rewards. It’s a token of gratitude to the fervent Saudi football community that has embraced Pepsi wholeheartedly.

The journey of PepsiCo in Saudi Arabia is a testament to its passion and collaboration. In concert with consumers, partners, and stakeholders, PepsiCo continues to push boundaries, craft memorable experiences, and inspire future generations. 

At the same time, ensuring unique and engaging experiences for the youth, Pepsi emerges as a vanguard of sports entertainment in the Kingdom.

Infact, the next big moment is the Saudi Premier League closing ceremony on May 24, 2024, where Pepsi is all set to ensure a grand show with interactive activations with the fans – be it through a light show, visual and sensory experiences and last but not the least a mind-blowing act curated by MDLBEAST, transitioning from classic hits to contemporary anthems, illustrating Pepsi’s evolution while staying true to its roots – symbolic of Pepsi being the choice across generations!

PepsiCo’s commitment to Saudi Arabia goes beyond mere business. It’s about building meaningful connections, celebrating culture, and shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

Also, with the recent launch of the brand’s new visual identity, we continue to deliver our promise of providing engaging and unique experiences to its consumers.

Embracing change is at the core of Pepsi’s DNA. We’ve never been afraid to reinvent ourselves to evolve with fans and move at the speed of culture.

The next era represents another step in our journey of innovation and growth, as we continue to champion anyone who challenges conventions in pursuit of enjoyment.

Through creativity, dedication, and an unyielding commitment to local culture, PepsiCo is poised to continue making a positive impact in Saudi Arabia and beyond, igniting key moments and shaping the narrative of Saudi Arabia’s evolving landscape.

By: Karim ElFiqi, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at PepsiCo AMESA