What’s your marketing response to COVID-19? By Liwa.

If your answer is none, here are five things you can actually do – courtesy Liwa

Most marketers just withdraw from the scene in a crisis. But it’s well known that not doing anything can be counterproductive. Then again, most marketers are not sure about what kind of market presence they should have. For those in that confusion, Liwa has the answers.

In a video created by the content agency, Liwa has outlined five ‘practical and actionable insights’ that any marketer can apply. Strategy and storytelling are the proverbial two sides of the coin, both could be combined to help brands navigate today’s uncertainties.

The insights range from living up to the brand promise to using your internal audiences as your spokespeople. It’s all about showing your softer side, your core values in these challenging times. It’s also about value-driven communication and offering real benefits as against fluff.

The video is part of Liwa’s Thought Leadership Series.