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Wego takes honest approach with ‘nightmare’ winter breaks

It focused on traditionally high expenses, absent customer service and the general pain of going away

It’s always nice to see a ‘refreshing’campaign, and Wego hits the right note with a different take on winter breaks.

The travel app’s winter travel campaign takes what Wego calls “a refreshingly honest approach to travel during the season.”

Rather than repeating the well-trodden path of picture-perfect winter breaks, Wego chose to highlight (and comedically dramatise) the potential nightmares associated with this peak travel time.

Ranging from the traditionally high expense, absent customer service and general pain of going away in what’s historically the year’s most stressful holiday period.

“This paved the way for the eventual hero of the campaign, Tony the Snowman, the disgruntled narrator and effective Wego spokesman. A cautionary (yet compelling) voice of reason to the possible perils of not thinking smart when booking your winter break,” it told Campaign Middle East.