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We continue to shape the future of advertising

Our deep marketing knowledge and experience guides every aspect of our work, says Amro Abo Onoq, CEO, XELEMENT.


Can you tell us about XELEMENT’s journey since its launch 10 years ago?

XELEMENT’s journey has been about doing things correctly and filling a gap in the industry where we prioritize impactful marketing. Over the past decade, we have grown from launching one-off promotional campaigns to leading nationwide advertising movements across various industries, including automotive, digital, sports, culture, entertainment, energy, food & beverage, and real estate. In addition to serving our global clientele, we are a proud advertising enabler of Vision 2030 objectives, and our focus for the future is to accelerate innovation in the industry.

What sets XELEMENT apart from other agencies?

Our deep marketing knowledge and experience guides every aspect of our work. At XELEMENT, we purpose successful advertising to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. No other agency comes close to matching our level of expertise, and we take pride in being the ultimate marketing partner. We set the bar higher for our competitors to follow with our purpose-driven services, advertising, branding, and marketing consultancy.

How has XELEMENT managed to stay ahead of the curve in such a rapidly evolving industry?

XELEMENT’s ability to remain ahead of the curve is evident in our initiatives, including being the first agency globally to enter the metaverse. We have a strong history of influencing the advertising industry, including our award-winning Saudi Broadcasting Authority ‘Ghasb’ campaign, inspiring an advertising movement of teaser-revealer campaigns. We forever transformed sports advertising in the Kingdom with our first-of-its-kind partnership with AlHilal. We lead the localization efforts for global brands like Snapchat, Spotify, Ford, Lincoln, Aramco and TotalEnergies. Our commitment to growth is further demonstrated with Ministry of Culture’s Music Commission where we identified superstar music talents in the ‘Sound of Saudi’ fully digital campaign. At XELEMENT, we continue evolve and lead the industry.

What is next for XELEMENT?

We continue to shape the future of advertising. We have brought in best-in-class talent to offer integrated media services and Web3 digital services, which we believe will lead to our continued success in the industry. We continue to enhance our core services with innovative technologies and techniques and we are confident that our focus on performance and innovation with our expansion into integrated media service and Web3 digital services will continue our success.

Amro Abo Onoq, CEO, XELEMENT