VML and L’Oréal Paris unveil the region’s first live shopping event

VML, Amazon Ads ME and L’Oréal Paris has unveiled the region’s first live shopping event. 

The combination of VML’s digital marketing and technology expertise with L’Oréal Paris’s beauty products created an immersive shopping experience for beauty enthusiasts. 

The live shopping event featured live demonstrations and personalised recommendations from influencers and beauty experts, while customers could interact in real-time and make purchases directly through the Ramadan landing page, with a 10 per cent discount using the special event code.

Alyshan Parvez, L’Oréal Paris Online Brand Manager, GCC, said: “Truly a milestone: We launched the first-ever on-platform live shopping in the MENA region for L’Oréal Paris in collaboration with VML, Amazon Ads ME and Wavemaker. This innovative approach captivates and entertains shoppers, significantly boosting our online brand presence and market reach. It’s a testament to the collaboration across the chain #LikeNeverBefore to create beauty that moves in the Middle East.” 

Over the past 2.5 months, multiple stakeholders have worked together to advance the project, ensuring the technology and development necessary for its implementation.

VML conducted an in-depth research and social listening exercise to understand consumers’ behaviour and online chatter during Ramadan.

Insights revealed concerns about dehydration due to fasting and dietary changes, with a shift towards appearance and looking good as Eid celebrations approach.

To address these, VML launched two episodes: one for Ramadan, focusing on hydration for skin and hair, as well as clean makeup looks, and one for Eid , highlighting hair colouring routines and full Eid makeup looks.

The episodes, featured top-tier skin and beauty influencers like Marwa Bawaba, Manal El Hage, Safa Srour and Sereen Abudoush. 

A landing page within Amazon for L’Oréal Paris offers in-depth routines and tips for each concern, along with the opportunity to rewatch the episodes throughout the month. The campaign was amplified across social platforms and advocacy content to reach a wider audience.

Sabine Abdallah, Account Director at VML Dubai, said: “L’Oréal Paris Ramadan Beauty Live Show marks the beginning of a transformative era in live shopping. We are proud to lead the charge in the region, starting with amazon.sa, of what is revolutionising commerce in multiple countries. It reflects VML’s dedication to utilising digital technologies for enhancing customer engagement and redefining the online shopping experience through this cutting-edge live event,”