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Vatika launches world’s first music album created by plants

Vatika, a natural hair care brand, has created an album created entirely using sounds from plants.

Vatika, a natural hair care brand has launched an innovative initiative to create a music album named #NotesByNature, entirely created from plants for responsible humans.

By decoding the subtle musical notes from plants with the help of today’s technology, the concept was created by Atom network – and the campaign will be extended globally to Asia, Europe and Africa.

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For every 1,000 plays of the album, which is available on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, Vatika will plant one tree.

Vatika #NotesByNature is the world’s first music album composed by plants for responsible humans. Cactus, Almond, Lemon, Coconut and Olive plants and trees have come together to create five beautiful tracks, aptly titled Hudu, Bliss, Aman, Serenity and Nirvana respectively. The idea is that each track will help consumers to relax, meditate and exercise better.

Krishan Kumar Chutani, CEO, Dabur International said: Vatika’s commitment to nature is now in sync with our consumers desire to help the environment. The campaign is making this a reality by planting a tree for every thousand plays. We would invite responsible citizens to participate in this initiative for the noble cause”

Nishant MSN, head of marketing – Vatika added: “For 25 years, Vatika Naturals has nourished our hair with rich natural ingredients, this campaign helps to nourish our mind through music created by plants and we will be rolling out this campaign at a global level very soon”.

Elaborating further, Avishek Chaudhuri, marketing manager said: “Vatika’s commitment towards building a sustainable future continues with this campaign. It provides yet another opportunity for each one of us to take a small step in building a greener planet. We hope you watch, share and enjoy the music created by plants as much as we have enjoyed presenting it to you.”

Amit Patel, Head – digital marketing and e-commerce, Dabur International finalised by saying: “The pandemic has led to surge in downloads of mental wellness apps and specifically, those focused on meditation and dealing with anxiety. There is no better feeling than listening to mindful music created by plants to destress in these challenging times”.

Vatika is positive that #NotesByNature will nourish consumer’s minds and encourages those to watch and share. By doing so, audiences will be able to contribute towards planting trees for a better tomorrow.

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Concept: Vatika in house marketing and Atom Network