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Unleashing the power of logic in advertising

Advertising isn’t just about selling products and services. It is also about telling a compelling story and connecting with customers on an emotional level. And that’s where “Logic Bureau Plus” (LB+) comes in.

Founded in 2020 as a small advertising logical office, logic bureau works 90 per cent via an online platform.

LB+ has since expanded its services to become a full-fledged marketing agency with a unique business model that blends logic and creativity, to revolutionise the world of advertising and offer its clients many pluses in different promotional dimensions. Plus+Plus working on the development of an online platform that helps clients do their work in comfort.

What sets LB+ apart is its commitment to logic. The agency believes that advertising should be more than just flashy campaigns and gimmicks. It believes that strategic data-driven approach delivers a real impact.

Using research, data analysis, and expert insights, its team reaches a deep understanding of the brands’ target audience and ensures that campaigns are efficient, maximising the client’s return on investment.

Over the past years, LB+ has served some of the biggest names in the region, with clients such as Pepsi, Jotun, Audi, Ikea, and others. A proven track record of delivering outstanding results in different countries.

They have crafted more than 30 remarkable campaigns like Topfruit juice rebranding, Mountain Dew national day celebration in Oman, Pepsi Black + Suncola’s new cool platform in KSA, Pepsi Away from Home campaign and many others.

Marketing is an ever-evolving field that requires a keen sense of technology and consumer behaviour, to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, LB+ always leverages cutting-edge technics and new innovations.

Actually, the lines you’re reading now were 70 per cent generated by an artificial intelligence platform. Stunning, isn’t it? LB+ is constantly pushing the boundaries.

And that’s why LB+ is exploring the potential of the metaverse –virtual worlds and immersive digital experiences –as the next frontier for advertising. Offers the ability to work and deliver goals for clients, no matter where they are in the globe

With a focus on logic, passion for innovation, and a bold vision for the future of marketing. LB+ is poised to take the world by storm.

 Emad Eltahan, Founder

The founder, Emad Eltahan says, “So, get ready to experience the many pluses of working with a marketing squad that does no nonsense!”