Unleashing shopping fever with Black Friday

Black Friday marks the advent of the holiday shopping rush, with deals and discounts spurring global consumer excitement.

Set for November 24th this year, anticipation of this event triggers buyers to make impulse purchases and begin their Christmas shopping for family and friends. It now resonates with customers across continents. 

The catalyst 

Based on research from IPSOS, the top four drivers for Black Friday sales are:

  • Trending content: 52 per cent 
  • Appealing promotions and discounts: 47 per cent 
  • User-friendly payment options: 44 per cent 
  • Hassle-free delivery: 43 per cent 

These numbers highlight that the pull of Black Friday is no longer anchored solely by discounts; it’s driven by the dynamic content and intuitive shopping experiences facilitated by community-driven platforms.

These platforms with a global footprint have changed consumer expectations, marrying entertainment with utility.

As a result, they lead shoppers to a broader spectrum of products, from tech gadgets to self-care essentials, influencing not just wish lists but also actual spending habits.

Evolving purchase patterns

These digital platforms not only showcase variety but also drive a shift in consumer behavior.

Users here, influenced by authentic narratives and direct brand interactions, often surpass their planned expenditure. 

  • 84 per cent of users engage with brands on these platforms 
  • 92 per cent carry these interactions beyond the screen, showcasing a significant offline influence
  • 70 per cent advocate for products they love, reflecting a community of influencers who not only enjoy but also endorse their purchases, enhancing the role of digital platforms as commercial catalysts.

Content-driven commerce

The fusion of user-generated content with commerce is transforming Black Friday from a single-day event into a dynamic shopping season.

Short-form video platforms are revolutionising retail with algorithms that deliver tailored content, sparking inspiration through a blend of passive discovery and active searches by consumers for deals and Black Friday highlights.

This synergy of active engagement and personalised curation fosters an ‘always on’ shopping mentality, where daily entertainment and shopping merge into one seamless experience.

Users are not just participating in trends, they are creating them, turning every day into an opportunity for discovery and purchase.

Shaping the future of festive shopping

As Black Friday reshapes the retail calendar, TikTok stands out amidst digital entertainment platforms, crafting a holiday shopping narrative that resonates with users and brands alike. 

  • 59 per cent of TikTok users encountering content tailored to their unique tastes, the platform proves its prowess in personalisation. 
  • 69 per cent of its audience actively searches for new and captivating content, underscoring TikTok’s role not just as an entertainment hub, but as a beacon for discovery of holiday deals.

New era of digital marketplaces

Digital platforms are key in transforming Black Friday into a global shopping event, influencing consumer expectations and purchase behaviours across a diverse range of products.

These platforms shape retail culture, with their continuous stream of content, blurring the lines between content consumption and shopping, highlighting the convenience and ‘Always On’ mental availability that modern consumers have come to expect.

TikTok shows how short-form video platforms can forge genuine, community-centred shopping experiences, becoming a key component in today’s digital marketing and retail landscape.