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UN WFP gets Ibrahimovic´to ink names on body, appeal for 805mn hungry people

Watch the campaign conceptualised by Forsman & Bodenfors here.
The UN has roped in Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic´ to spread the mission of its World Food Programme.
The footballer speaks to viewers in the evocative video. Amid visuals establishing his global stardom, he says that while everyone  recognises his name and cheers for him, there are some names no one cheers for. He removes his shirt to reveal several names written on his body. Ibrahimovic says if he could, he would write all the names on his body, but there are too many of them – there are 805 million people suffering from hunger, with too many of them being children. People affected by war, natural

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  • I think it is remarkable ho footballers have historically been able to reach more masses of people on a visual advertising scale than really any other professional athletes out there. Zlatan is one of the worlds finest soccer player and for him to extenuate his already inked body with names of people that fall under the UN’s “hungry list’’ is something can be considered “next step’’ and really implies how committed of an effort this really is. The background music itself is moving and capturing from the initial minute and then they went to live footage for people to truly grasp the legitimacy of the ad and how serious they are about revealing to the public the staggering statistics in reference to hunger and how many people suffer. The line where Zlatan says, “Wherever you will see me, you will see them.” Is the most powerful and easily understood.

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