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UM MENAT Futureproof planning capabilities, with TikTok Creator Collab

UM MENAT, IPG Mediabrands’ global media agency network, has recently partnered with TikTok METAP to develop an end-to-end Creator Marketing training programme. The cutting-edge partnership, launched this week, has seen the production of a first-of-its-kind Creator Playbook.

Designed to be a catalyst for planners to embrace planning with TikTok Creators, the resource reveals best practices on how to influence consumer journeys by working with Creators, acting as a comprehensive guide for sourcing and briefing Creators, planning activity, and measuring unique Creator content.

TikTok has seen phenomenal local and international growth over the past two years, and Creator content has been at the forefront of the experience their platform offers. TikTok has made significant investments into their Self-Serve Creator Platform ‘TikTok Creator Marketplace’ alongside Creative Center, in order to supercharge the opportunities TikTok has to offer for Creators.

‘The evolution from social to content graph is already well underway, and as a result the current and future value of Creators has never been greater. UM MENAT have been progressive in recognizing this shift, preparing their teams to harnessing the power and value of creators’ stated Nawal Rustom Agency Partnerships and Ian Dolan, Strategic Partnership Manager, TikTok METAP.

UM’s promise to clients is to ‘Futureproof’ their brands and businesses, and this partnership was born out of UM’s recognition of the need to ‘Futureproof’ client relationships and planners skillsets, in a growing and strategically valuable medium.

A recently published study by Accenture suggesting that the $492 billion global social commerce industry is expected to grow 3 times as fast as traditional e-commerce to $1.2 trillion by 2025* These exponential gains of media share will be driven by Creator content and will make Creators a crucial element in media planning.

“We have developed strategies to help our clients succeed in a fast-paced, dynamic era characterised by change. To achieve this, we must continually upgrade our expertise and forge strong partnerships to better serve our clients and ‘futureproof’ their business. TikTok is one of the most exciting and important media environments of today. We are delighted to be able to bring new insights to market through this collaboration,” said Alexis Azzie UM MENAT regional strategy director.

The creation of the Creator Guide is the first of several steps for bringing skilling and value to UM’s clients and planning teams. The rollout of the guide will be supported with team-to-team training before the key principles will be gamified via a live planning competition in-house, designed to put learning into practice.