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UAE’s reduced workweek, an overview of conversations across social media by Anavizio

News that the UAE’s public sector will switch to a four and a half-day working week from January 1st spread rapidly on social media, with Anavizio capturing nearly 11,000 conversations and comments across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter in the hours after the announcement was made.

While many of the posts were from users and media outlets sharing news of the changed working week, a variety of views, questions and concerns were expressed by the public both in the UAE and elsewhere.

Most opinions expressed were positive, with users looking forward to having a longer weekend. Some users in other countries also applauded the changes, stating either that they wished they lived in the UAE or that similar changes would be announced by their own governments.

However, the status of Friday as a holy day was a key concern. Some were concerned that having to work half day will be disruptive for Friday prayers and traditions. Others objected to the Friday prayer being set at a fixed time of 1:15 in the afternoon rather than shifting according to the solar noon.

The announcement also resulted in many questions from social media users, particularly in that it applies to Federal public sector entities with people wondering what the impact would be on the private sector and on interactions between the public and private sectors.