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TweetDeck is now behind a paywall

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Social Media app X has now placed its popular feature Tweetdeck behind a paywall. The platform, previously known as Twitter, now diverts the users trying to access the feature to the sign-up page for XBlue.

Formerly known as Twitter Blue, X Blue is the social media app’s paid-subscription programme.

To use the feature, individual users will now how to subscribe and gain the blue tick by paying a fee of AED29 per month. The fee for organisation sits much higher at AED3,700 per month.

While Campaign is still able to access TweetDeck, its Motivate sister titles have received this pop-up.

According to social media consultant Matt Navara, who holds more than 169.9K followers on the platform and more than 15 years of experience in the social media marketing field, the death of the feature is “bad news for social media managers, journalists, and power users”. 

In July X’s support account (@Support) tweeted stating that they had just launched a new version of TweetDeck. The post also stated that “In 30 days, users must be Verified to access TweetDeck”, indicating the future paywall.

TweetDeck’s move to behind the paywall seems to be Elon Musk’s latest push to users to increase the appeal of the app’s subscription programme, XBlue.

The feature was also recently renamed from TweetDeck to XPro, following the pattern of the original rebrand to include X in the nomenclature.