Tonic Worldwide’s research division ‘GIPSI’ shares key consumer shifts shaping Ramadan 2021 for UAE, in the new normal

Tonic Worldwide’s insight division GIPSI shares some observations of Pre-Ramadan period 2020, vis-a-vis 2021 in the UAE, across 4 behavioural shifts with implications for marketers’ quick reference.

Pandemic didn’t stop UAE in 2020 from celebrating festivals and following traditions. While the last year saw people reacting to the pandemic limitation by quickly adapting to digital to meet the needs of the festivals and traditions, 2021 sees a more planned approach to Ramadan and Eid. Tonic Worldwide’s insights division GIPSI shares some key shifts in consumer habits shaping this auspicious period:

1 Shift from High on Indulgence to High on Charity

Ramadan 2021 seems to have further ignited the willingness to help the needy, with an increase of over 240 per cent in “Charity”, in terms of conversations.

IMPLICATION: Brands can participate in this “charity sentiment”, helping consumers feel good about it.

2 Shift from Binge Eating to Clean Eating

Consumers opt for a healthier Ramadan with healthy Iftar recipes this season, having over 66 per cent increase in searches related to healthy eating during Pre-Ramadan 2021.

IMPLICATION: Brands should make healthy celebratory.

3 Shift from Partying more to Gifting more

The overall positive sentiment in conversations for gifting sees an upward trend with over 63 per cent more positive sentiment towards gifting in Pre-Ramadan 2021.

IMPLICATION: Brands can amplify gifting this Eid, by helping consumers indulge in gifting

4 Shift from Outdoor Focus to Indoor focus

Staying indoors inspires Emiratis, with conversations around Home decor and home design seeing a boost of over 46 per cent increase in positive conversations compared to last year.

IMPLICATION: This Ramadan, home decor is not just for Iftar and Eid parties, it is more personal. Brands, take note!