TikTok creates fun videos to help advertisers use its platform

TikTok for Business has launched a campaign of comedic “how-to” videos to show brands how to use the platform’s advertising tools.

The ‘Easy as pie (chart)’ videos will run across EMEA markets, with a global rollout planned for later this year.

Highlighting TikTok’s range of tools and resources available for advertisers – including its Creative Exchange, Creator Marketplace and Measurement Guide – the campaign suggests that media plans are easy to build on the platform.

The social media platform created three short videos featuring talking, anthropomorphic cartoons of agency-related objects – including a pie chart, a notebook, a laptop and a pen.

In each spot, the objects offer tongue-in-cheek tips for marketers to follow when advertising on TikTok, including witty observations about full-funnel marketing.

The illustrations were created by TikTok animator and creator Sam Cotton, whose profile currently has more than three million followers and 54 million likes on the platform.

The campaign also builds on the success of TikTok’s 2022 campaign ‘Talking heads’, which promoted the platform as an effective performance channel. The videos were created by the Gravity Road agency.

The launch follows a recent study commissioned by TikTok with Nielsen, which demonstrated that between 2020 and 2022, paid ads for major consumer packaged goods brands were 64 per cent more effective when compared with other digital media.

Sophie Cullinane, creative partner at Gravity Road, added: “When TikTok came to us asking for content which demystified the platform for advertising executives, we knew we had to fight the sea of LinkedIn same-ness by injecting some of TikTok’s pure entertainment and irreverence”.