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TikTok promotes mental health with its latest campaign

The social media platform aims to help users well-being with engaging content and live sessions

From breaking stigmas tied to mental health, to sharing impactful stories and resources to support those in need of help, communities dedicated to mental health awareness continue to thrive on TikTok. 

The social media platform has launched a content hub page as part of its #aGoodCollective campaign marking World Mental Health Day. 

Connecting the global community

The global TikTok community continues to foster a positive space for conversations about mental health and well-being, with topics related to #MentalHealth, #SelfCare and #MentalHealthAwareness gaining 100+ billion, 50+ billion and 25+ billion views, to date. 

As part of the platform’s commitment to provide an inclusive space, the campaign and its content hub is hosting a range of content covering mental health, including hero videos featuring creators coming together to inspire kindness and tolerance, and licensed therapists sharing mental health insights through video content. 

The hub is also fostering open conversations on various mental health topics, helping users with TikTok Safety Features, and connecting the community with doctors and therapists through live sessions. Even a calming music playlist is available for relaxation.

Alongside the hero videos, the hub is also providing users with a range of mental health content across different categories.

The  include humanities, which showcases acts of kindness and compassion. In the art category, users are encouraged to create art that conveys messages of kindness, unity, diversity and positivity.


We’re so proud to see our creators breaking stigmas around #mentalhealth and advocating for the well-being of our community ?. When it comes to mentalhealthawareness, we know we’re Better Together!

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Health & Wellness

#BookTok offers book recommendations for centred well-being. The Health & Wellness category focuses on users sharing self-care routines and strategies to inspire others to prioritise their mental well-being. 

This last category addresses common misconceptions about mental health and spreads understanding with compassion.

It also recognises the efforts of healthcare workers and doctors who go above and beyond to care for their patients. 

The anti-bullying content in this category centres around concepts of emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication skills, handling difficult situations, inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect.

Licensed therapists share insights on recognising healthy friendships, by highlighting the green flags to look for.

TikTok encourages everyone to learn more about and promote #MentalHealthAwareness. It aims to foster a journey that is ‘Better Together’ for its users.​​​​​​​