TikTok’s new report explores GCC shopping behaviours and trends

If brands want a spark from audiences, they should avoid overt product marketing at the starting point.

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

TikTok has released its What’s Next: Shopping Trend report.

The report explores shifts in shopping behaviours and culture on the platform, and how brands can take on a more active role in community commerce.

The latest in the What’s Next series report breaks down community insights into actionable takeaways and trend analysis, supported by data and case studies.

This is used to equip businesses with the tools they need to engage with audiences on the platform.

Aref Yehia, Head of Retail & E-Commerce Business Partnerships at TikTok MENA, said: “By blending community, entertainment, and shopping, TikTok is reimagining the face of modern retail.

“As customers continue to turn to the platform for product discovery, brands of all sizes and across all industries have an amazing opportunity to connect with their own unique audiences on TikTok.

“We hope the What’s Next: Shopping Trend Report will help brands seize this opportunity and build lasting relationships with customers.”

The findings of the report are broken down into three key ‘Layers of Love’ that underpin shopping culture on the platform, accompanied by relevant ‘Shopper Trend Signals’ that show emerging behaviours and interests.

It’s a match

Audiences are constantly shopping and making active connections to the content they see on the platform.

If brands don’t immediately communicate added value, users are inclined to swipe away.

If brands want a spark from audiences, they should avoid overt product marketing at the starting point.

Instead, build and maintain user trust with unique and authentic perspectives to create longer-form content, connections, and partnerships, eventually leading to long-term loyalty from audiences.

METAP brands that advertised on the application consistently over an extended period increased their trust with viewers by 41 per cent.

TikTok ads were found to spark positive first impressions.

After seeing an ad, viewers in Saudi Arabia were found to trust the brand 24 per cent more and were 42 per cent more likely to be loyal to the brand.

Getting to know you

Brands often only share at the surface level, not digging into the motivations, communities, and aesthetics that inspire impulse and long-term purchase decisions.

Tapping into identity and community unlocks new pathways for audiences to learn more about themselves, their communities, and their favourite brands.

Communities influence purchasing decisions, the report finds 44 per cent of TikTok users in the GCC buy something to fit in with friends, community, or because everyone is talking about it.

Users make purchases that spark joy, with 41 per cent of users in the GCC shopping to lift their spirits or as a treat for themselves.

Growing together

It is easy to get lost in the instant gratification of product ‘sell out,’ ‘virality,’ and ‘hype.’

While the application is a catalyst for these moments, the real shopping is in the sustained loyalty established through the platform, which keeps products selling out and has customers begging for more.

Positive customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and organic word-of-mouth lead to sustained brand growth.

TikTok generates double the post-purchase content creation than other platforms. In the GCC, 57 per cent of users create a post about a product or brand they purchased from.

Moreover, users are 1.2 times more likely to buy from the same retailer again when TikTok is part of the purchase journey.