Explosion of ideas powered by AI at BPG’s annual event

BPG doubles down in AI tools investment at annual event


The next decade will see ‘a Cambrian explosion of ideas powered by AI’ transforming the creative landscape, according to Daniel Hulme, global expert in AI, Chief AI Officer at WPP, and CEO of Satalia. 

Hulme was in Dubai as keynote speaker for the 27th Annual offsite of award-winning agency BPG (Bates PanGulf, part of WPP).

Around 530 million years ago, the Cambrian explosion caused a range of animals to burst onto the evolutionary scene. 

Hulme believes the intended applications of AI technologies will similarly supercharge products and technologies used across ideation and development. 

He defines AI as ‘goal-directed adaptive behaviour’ with immense potential for AI systems to be a force for good, adding value, efficiency and creativity to the MarComms industry. 

Daniel Hulme, Chief AI Officer at WPP

Avi Bhojani, Group CEO at BPG said: “We are thrilled to embark on the path of considering AI through the lens of application and sparking further innovation in our services. 

“From task automation and content generation to better decision making and extracting complex insights from data, there are many ways that AI is transforming our business and industry. As first movers in this exciting realm, TeamBPG is bringing home these advantages to our clients.”

Avi Bhojani, Group CEO at BPG

BPG’s renewed Cx focus was the theme of this year’s offsite, named BPG X. 

The event featured panel discussions, networking, and team building games, and after-hours fun. 

A highlight of the three-day event was a six-hour in-house MarCom competition using AI tools to market a real estate destination. 

Five finalists presented their ideas to a jury comprising: 

  • Daniel Hulme, Chief AI Officer at WPP, and CEO of Satalia
  • Clark Williams, Director MarCom, NEOM-Trojena
  • Najla Al Eisa, DGM Marketing, Gulf Bank Kuwait
  • Brian Anthony Kuz, Chief Marketing Officer, FAB
  • Faheem Ahamed, Group Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, G42

The winning team AIXI presented the jury with their campaign’s creative power and use of AI and each team member won $250 as their prize.