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TikTok launches fan spotlight feature

TikTok introduces ‘Fan Spotlight’, a new artist-focused feature, with Billie Eilish leading the way as part of her #hitmehardandsoft takeover. It celebrates her latest album release, hit me hard and soft.

The feature puts artists and their fans in the limelight. Artists can now select up to five favorite fan videos to showcase on their music tab, giving creators a chance to shine.

When chosen, creators receive a notification, and their video stays in the spotlight for seven days before new selections can be made.

Fans can fully engage with the album by creating playlists, participating in challenges to access exclusive artwork, and even potentially being featured in the #hitmehardandsoft takeover.

They can unlock special entry points to the Billie Eilish hub, like a fan-exclusive icon on their For You Feed. Fans can also discover hit me hard and soft-themed animations by searching Billie Eilish and the album’s tracks on TikTok.

The new Fan Spotlight feature is now available for all artists on TikTok.