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This Ramadan LEGO Middle East brings us a glimpse of Ramadan through the eyes of children

As people across the region immerse themselves in the spirit of Ramadan, LEGO Middle East places the spotlight on the little ones.  This year’s campaign welcomes adults to see the world in one of the most meaningful ways: through the eyes of children.

Children are innately creative and imaginative. Their imaginative minds constantly seek to understand the world around them, which results in new perspectives innocently built on how they experience the world around them.  As most parents will agree, for children there is so much that is new, exciting and to understand. Everyday moments are indirect learning experiences. They see everything with curious eyes, knowing there is so much to see, experience and enjoy each time.

For this year’s Ramadan campaign, #RamadanThroughChildrensEyes, LEGO Middle East brings together kids from all backgrounds to enquire about what they remember or love about Ramadan and showcase the breadth of their imaginations.

Through this campaign, LEGO Middle East encourages families to come together for quality time and build the world around them in fresh light. “At the LEGO Group we believe that children are our role models. We are truly fascinated by how children perceive the world, and in this case, we can’t wait to show Ramadan through their eyes,” said Ula Bieganska, Head of Marketing, LEGO MEA.

LEGO bricks are always an invitation to children and their parents to bring their imaginations to life through building. The creativity of children is limitless. In this campaign, LEGO Middle East also emphasizes the importance of inclusive play, stating that LEGO play is for everyone, no matter their race, gender, language, or other challenges they may face.

One of the key findings in the LEGO Play Well Study 2020 was that 96% of parents say that play improves family bonds and helps improve family well-being. We invite families to enjoy quality time together this Ramadan, by playing with their children and really viewing the occasion through the innocent eyes of children.

Share your Ramadan creations on the LEGO Instagram page by tagging @LEGOMiddleEast #RamadanThroughTheirEyes.


  • Agency: V4 Good
  • Chief Creative Officer: Vidya Manmohan
  • Strategy Director: Ewelina Sek
  • Art Directors: Charles Nequito, Sangeetha Fernandes
  • Production House: VIP Films
  • Film Director: Henri Barges
  • Executive Producer: Martha Nasser