The vision to think and create boldly… pays off

“It’s proof that to be independent is not to work in isolation,” says Liwa Content Driven's Sagar Rege

vision to think

Being independent comes naturally to Liwa Content.Driven. “We’ve been proudly autonomous for over three decades,” says Sagar Rege, Director. “What makes us prouder today is that our independent vision to think and create boldly has been recognized at the prestigious Effie Awards Index.”

To be named one of MENA’s Most Effective Independent Agencies 2023, by as credible an authority as the Effie Awards Index, is testimony to Liwa’s creative, strategic and production prowess.

And if Effies are in, would Cannes be far behind? Liwa bagged 1 Gold and 3 Bronzes at Cannes this year, in association with Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi.

“It’s proof that to be independent is not to work in isolation,” he adds. “It’s to have your voice yet be collaborative, to co-create your best work through winning partnerships.”

Liwa finds synergies in excellence with partners and works towards creating a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

“A shining example is our association with the Publicis Groupe, with whom we enjoy a long, cherished relationship that results in consistently award-winning work.”

It’s also a vindication of the unique model that Liwa has adopted: The soul of an agency with the DNA of a production house.

“We conceptualise like an advertising agency, but create videos like a production house. Creative production, we call it.”

The Effie Awards Index identifies the most effective companies in marketing and advertising by analyzing finalist and winner data from Effie Award competitions around the world.

Announced annually, it’s the definitive ranking of effectiveness. Liwa’s work is a happy mix of what works and what’s great.

“A huge thank you to every associate of ours who helped to make these wins possible.” Rege concludes. “From our talented in-house teams to amazing agency- and brand-partners. Thanks to each of them, we continue to be bold, be independent, be creative, be Liwa Content.Driven.”