The Spin: Anxious sales and confused identities

Spin Hamster

1. Anxiety on sale

While anxiety is a serious thing, you can’t not laugh at a sign that seems like it is offering anxiety orders for sale. Not sure if $45.00 is a bargain or not.

Are we talking simple stage fright, a panic attack or something even more serious? Anyway we suggest raising the price.

2. The wrong Ryan

There’s a scene in Alice in Wonderland which talks about the wrong Alice. And the Daily Mail seems to have got the wrong Ryan.

Ryan Gosling is a household name after his brilliant performance as Ken in Barbie, even though he missed out on best supporting actor at the Oscars.

But this seems to have passed by one headline writer at the Mail who thinks Ryan Reynolds (wise-cracking Deadpool actor) is really Ken. Ken-ough already.

3. Awaken the woman in you

We always have a chuckle on International Women’s Day for the totally inappropriate and patronising ads. So how about this one for a hospital?

‘Don’t hide yourself. Awaken the woman in you’ it states above a picture of one, possibly two, and hopefully not three pregnant females.

So you have to get pregnant to feel like a woman do you? We could think of perhaps one hundred alternative ways off the top of our heads, than a bun in the oven.

3. Crypto is a new fragrance 

We stumbled across another questionable ad for women. Crypto is a new fragrance for females from cryptocurrency exchange Binance. It’s a way of encouraging more women into finance by making them smell nice. That’s bound to work right?

4.  A canine “cat” crisis

We know cats are cute, and many an ad campaign has used a furry feline as its main star. Even better if they can talk or are fat. But using a dog instead of a cat is a novel idea for a cat advert. ‘10 best pet insurance for cats’ does kind of call out for a picture of a cat right?

And don’t tell us you can’t find a cat image. Getty alone has 22,050 images according to a quick Google search.

5. Getting off on the wrong foot

And finally, we do like unusual products at Campaign Middle East. You may remember our portable toilet last month. But why would you wear shoes that make you look like your feet?

Well the feet of the Hulk anyway or Frankenstein’s monster. Definitely a step in the wrong direction in the fashion world too.