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The UAE Government Media Office and TikTok bring people together to discover the UAE’s hidden gems in World’s Coolest Winter

The UAE Government Media Office teams up with TikTok to encourage residents to share their experiences in discovering the country’s hidden gems as part of World’s Coolest Winter Campaign.

The UAE Government Media Office has teamed up with TikTok to encourage citizens and residents to share their experiences in discovering the country’s hidden gems as part of World’s Coolest Winter Campaign.

People living across the UAE can now highlight their valuable moments engaging in outdoor activities across the country’s hotspots and attractions. The campaign that launched in December 2020, scheduled to run until January 25, aims to promote domestic tourism and bring people together to enjoy UAE’s unique sunny winter.

Users of TikTok, one of the world’s fastest-growing and most engaging digital platforms, can now share their favourite hidden gems across the Emirates using the #WorldsCoolestWinter.

The campaign, launched across multiple platforms, landed on TikTok on the 5th of January 2021. It has been a major success with nearly 2000 pieces of UGC, 13 million views of the videos tagged with #WorldsCoolestWinter and over 500,000 engagements in the first 48 hours.

Khaled Rashed AlShehhi, executive director marketing and communications at the UAE Government Media Office, said “The UAE offers a great number of experiences and places that majority of the people living in the country are yet to discover. We are proud of everything that the UAE has to offer in terms of activity, culture, culinary experiences and sights. This year, as many people have decided that – as a result of the government’s efforts to ensure public health – they would be staying in the UAE, it became important to introduce people to and remind them of the many, many things that the country has to offer. Our partnership with TikTok has given users a new channel to communicate with each other and share their favourite spots in the UAE in a highly interactive platform, giving each other ideas of new places to explore.”

Al Shehhi continued, “The participation and view numbers we have seen on TikTok to date are a real testament to how active the TikTok community in the UAE is and how willing they are to come together to create, share and engage. There is a lot of memories to make in the world’s coolest winter.”

Shant Oknayan, managing director of Global Solutions at ByteDance and TikTok in METAP said, “It was such a pleasure being part of the #WorldsCoolestWinter campaign and being able to bring so many people together to share and explore. This is exactly the type of content that I believe people come to TikTok for. Content that inspires and motivates people to discover and go outside their day-to-day in the pursuit of joy.”