The power of empathy marketing during Ramadan

Flowwow's Irina Tatarinova look at how to use empathy marketing in Ramadan and its potential pitfalls

Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, community, and acts of kindness.

According to Meta’s survey, 91 per cent of UAE consumers favour content and marketing messages that resonate with the spirit of the holy month. Hence, it’s essential to use empathy in marketing, which we discuss further below.

How empathy marketing can strengthen your connection with your audience during Ramadan?

Here are our five ideas:

  1. Live, human-centric content
    People connect with emotions. Utilise video testimonials, user-generated content showcasing real people sending gifts, and stories of community support during Ramadan.
  2. Visual associations
    Embrace visuals that represent Ramadan traditions, generosity, and togetherness. Think images of families sharing Iftar meals, familiar landmarks and locations to the UAE audience, or people expressing warm and sincere emotions.
  3. Influencer marketing
    Partner with influencers who embody the spirit of Ramadan and resonate deeply with your target audience. This approach builds trust and authenticity as the audience connects with the influencer’s personal experience. At Flowwow, on International Women’s Day as the result of long-term collaborations with influencers, we received 28 orders for approx. $2, 000 and registered 45 app installations.
  4. Omnichannel  marketing
    Utilise multiple channels to ensure your message reaches your audience and maintain consistency when producing content across those channels. Flowwow leverages video content across many social media platforms – Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter – keeping our presence anywhere this content format thrives.
  5. Leveraging AI and CGI videos
    According to Statista, AI in marketing will see nine-fold growth by 2028. Moreover, using AI-powered tools to opt for user-generated and creator-driven content over polished productions proves more effective, according to Business Insider. On Flowwow’s social media, engagement typically increases by 4-5 times when using UGC photos instead of stock ones.

    Irina Tatarinova, Head of Social Media & Influence Marketing at Flowwow

What could be the hidden pitfalls of situational marketing?

  • Rushing the process
    Some strong brands start planning Ramadan campaigns six months in advance. Allocate sufficient time to research, strategise, and create content that resonates with the current social climate.
  • Audience disconnect
    In-depth research is crucial to avoid making assumptions. Tailor your message to resonate with values and interests specific to your target audience during this holy month.
  • Ignoring feedback
    Pay close attention to audience feedback and reactions to your Ramadan marketing efforts – they can help you refine your strategy for better engagement.

By implementing these tips, you can craft an empathetic marketing strategy that will benefit your brand during Ramadan and leave a lasting positive impression on your target audience.

By Irina Tatarinova, Head of Social Media & Influence Marketing at Flowwow