The new workweek: 20 per cent off? By Active DMC’s Sawsan Ghanem

Active DMC’s Sawsan Ghanem explains the people and productivity at the heart of the move to a four day week.

Covid-19 has affected so many things, so much of our lives and the way that we do, well, everything. And we know – even if it’s becoming a little tired – that how we work has been a point of discussion that has been accelerated by this pandemic.
We love Zoom. It’s been an essential business and social tool for us throughout the last two years and we will continue to use it for all the amazing features it offers now and will in the future. But at Active DMC we were asking ourselves: How will we work in the future? What approach and format will we apply? What reasonably works in the region and the industry we work in?
The objective throughout was to find a format that delivered the

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