The campaigns that caught our eye in 2023

Ishwari Khatu and Sonia Majumder pick through the work that impressed them the most this year

1 Hungerstation
The Subconscious Order
Agency: Wunderman Thompson Riyadh 

The food delivery app introduced a smart feature that allowed users to order food online by harnessing the power of their subconscious mind. The app recognised when the user scrolled for a long time and launched
the subconscious ordering tool.

Several cuisine images were displayed as the camera tracked the eye’s interest using algorithms and the front-facing camera. A smart AI then narrowed down the options and presents a data report of what the eye concentrated on the most, or what the subconscious mind craved. This provided the user with a list of relevant restaurants to order from.

Self-Check Out
Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai  

The brand re-shot its lingerie collections, turning typical lingerie model poses into a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a breast self-examination. As a collective, these images represent the potential life-saving steps that a woman can perform to detect abnormalities that could lead to breast cancer or other issues.

3 Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority
All About You
Agency: Interesting Times 

A cat is the star of Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority’s brand campaign, All About You. The cat staged a takeover of their Instagram handle as it showcased the emirate as the ideal place to relax, unwind and have a good time.

The campaign kicked off with an introduction video telling the cat’s backstory of how he was rescued and made a home in Ras Al Khaimah. It also featured a gamification aspect allowing people to win prizes. 

4 Heinz Arabia
Ketch Up & Down
Agency: FP7 McCann 

With the launch of its double-lidded bottle, Heinz Arabia made it easy to squeeze ketchup no matter which way the bottle is stored. It gave away these limited edition bottles to a select number of lucky fans.

The campaign included a special social media filter lens which people could use to mirror their own bottles at home to replicate the Ketch-Up & Down bottle.

5 Coca-Cola
Alexa, I See Coke
Agency: VMLY&R Commerce, VMLY&R Dubai and Open X

Coca-Cola Middle East’s campaign used a new skill that allowed Saudi consumers to receive a discount voucher for ordering a Coke to pair with their meal through Alexa as they see the beverage product in a movie or TV show.

People who spotted Coca-Cola on screen during a movie simply had to say “Alexa, I see Coke” to receive one of the limited numbers of discount codes via email with Alexa offering a witty response to validate the product placement. 

6 Greenpeace
Agency: Digitas Dubai 

Greenpeace created an interactive donation platform, ArzePay.com, to raise funds against the extinction of the Lebanese cedar tree Arze. Through the use of machine learning and built-in cameras, users had to scan an image of a cedar design or illustration to prompt the next steps of making a donation.

It aimed to act as a stark reminder to all that the Arze is an omnipresent symbol of national pride that needs to be preserved in reality.

7 Jood NGO
Life-Saving Outdoors
Agency: Wunderman Thompson Morocco

Wunderman Thompson Morocco and NGO Jood partnered to transform OOH billboards into shelters for earthquake victims in Morocco, as part of their ‘Life-Saving Outdoors’ initiative.

The Marrakech Al Haouz region in Morocco recently experienced an earthquake that resulted in the loss of over 2,850 lives and over 2,500 injuries. The initiative aimed to repurpose hundreds of 4×3 outdoor billboards into robust, waterproof, and thermal tents.

8 Saudi Sports for All Federation
Agency: Webedia Arabia

Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) aimed to confront the prospect of a life that lacks motion. It introduced a digital experience – a virtual journey through the Museum of Extinct Mobility – which transported participants to a world where those who once ran, walked, climbed, and thrived are now encased in transparent boxes, like forgotten species.

9 McDonald’s
It’s a Sign
Creative agency: FP7 McCann  

McDonald’s unveiled new signboards, lampposts and mupis on Sheikh Zayed Road, but with a twist. The billboards had no mention of the brand or its logo. Instead, the signage featured locations and activities that resemble the brand’s golden arches. The concept took inspiration from everyday objects turning common sights into a visual cue for the brand.

10 Dove
Self Esteem Project
Agency: Memac Ogilvy 

The campaign aimed to reduce beauty pressures and societal expectations faced by girls and help provide a more positive transition to womanhood.

Supported by a film with young girls from different backgrounds, the campaign directed viewers to a webpage to download a Confidence Kit, produced by experts in psychology, to provide parents with guidance on how to help their child build body confidence.

11 Anghami
The Protective Rhymes
Agency: Leo Burnett Middle East

Leo Burnett Middle East and Anghami joined forces to launch a campaign called ‘The Protective Rhymes’. The initiative aimed to help parents teach children on how to protect themselves from child abuse, through branded content and entertainment.

BLÅVINGAD collection
Agency: Memac Ogilvy

Al-Futtaim IKEA and Memac Ogilvy created stories of sustainability for BLÅVINGAD, its sustainable toy collection. The campaign was created to introduce the collection which consists of soft toys made from ocean plastic. It brought the topic of sustainability to life through family stories narrated by the soft toy characters themselves.

13 Roxy Extreme Cinema
Big Movies Deserve Bigger Screens
Agency: MullenLowe MENA

To launch the biggest screen in the MENA region, Roxy Extreme Cinema, MullenLowe came up with a simple and minimalist print campaign. The campaign featured iconic stills from big movies with a catch, all moments were scaled down to look tiny and smaller than the large screen at Roxy. It was accompanied by the line, ‘Big movies deserve bigger screens’.

14 GEMS Education
International Women’s Day
Agency: Memac Ogilvy

Memac Ogilvy and GEMS Education partnered for a second year on International Women’s Day to release a campaign addressing the pressing issue of negative self-talk among young girls.

The campaign centred on a striking two-part cinematic film that underlined the importance of recognising, contextualising and preventing self-criticism.

15 Etihad Airways
Nothing is impossible
Agency: Impact BBDO

Etihad Airways has been reaching for the skies based on a high-energy video it has shared online with the slogan: At Etihad, Nothing Is Impossible.

The 45-second YouTube video showed cabin crew jumping from a plane in a Mission: Impossible style clip. The video is an ode to the airline’s links to Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, the latest installment in Tom Cruise’s film franchise.