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The Annual 2022: Top 20 integrated and activation campaigns

Here’s our roundup of the top 20 integrated and activation campaigns

1  Annahar

Election Edition

Agency: Impact BBDO 

On February 2, Lebanese newspaper AnNahar did not print that day’s edition for the first time in its 88 years of publishing. Instead, the ink and paper intended for that day – named the Elections Edition – were sent towards the printing of voting ballots for the 2022 Lebanese Elections.  

UAE Government Media Office 

Warmest Winter Livestream 

Agency: Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives  

The campaign collaborated with content creator AboFlah to support hundreds of thousands of refugees and families in need in Africa and the Arab world. 

3 UAE Government Media Office 

Empty Plates 

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi – Publicis Groupe

In Dubai during Ramadan, people spotted empty plates on cars. The reason was to raise awareness about the millions of empty plates that often go unnoticed. 

4 Jeep 

The Call of Adventure 

Agency: Publicis Groupe 

Publicis Middle East created a new language of adventure based on the Jeep brand grill’s distinctive dots and dashes, which have become a symbol of the Jeep brand’s adventurous spirit. Just as morse code is made up of a series of dots and dashes, the Jeep grill has inspired the Jeep ‘Call of Adventure’ font. 


Nasiba Hafiz’s Not Hot Collection

Agency: Leo Burnett Lebanon

The Not Hot Collection is the world’s first designer period wear, inspired by Always Cool & Dry, a product that keeps women feeling cool on their periods by keeping moisture away from their skin.


Hidden Room 

Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai 

Many domestic workers’ living spaces are very small. To address this issue, Home Box partnered with Leo Burnett Dubai to launch ‘The Hidden Room Collection’, designed in collaboration with Home Box’s design team. 

Dubai Science Park 

Hostages of Depression

Agency: Serviceplan Middle East 

The campaign aimed to raise awareness on the subject of depression and encourage people to seek help. 



Agency: Impact BBDO 

The campaign makes a statement by transforming the fabric of mesh cut directly from the exterior of Annahar’s building into a dress.


Imagine if we could be as flexible as IKEA furniture

Agency: Memac Ogilvy 

Al-Futtaim Ikea announced the launch of its new collections, room setups and home furnishing solutions with a new campaign – ‘Imagine if we could be as flexible as Ikea furniture’.  Ikea imagines if your family could be as a flexible as a dressing table or as a lamp. It aims to display the multi-functionality and the ability to adapt in Ikea products and people.

10 KFC 

Chicken Stock 

Agency: TBWA/RAAD 

TBWA/RAAD created the KFC Chicken Stock, an image database filled with delicious drool-worthy chicken for anyone, especially cafeterias and restaurants in the MENA region, to use by downloading high-resolution KFC photos in all their glory, absolutely free. 

11 BEEAH Group 

Race For Life 

Agency: Publicis Groupe – Leo Burnett MEA 

Held as a part of the Al Marmoom Camel Race Festival, the campaign focused on a camel named Oklah (the name refers to a camel that gobbles up anything it sees) as it stayed immobile during the race and drew the attention of the audience. The camel’s body was adorned with drawings of plastic waste that
camels consume and a message that read, ‘My race is against what’s inside me’.

12 Hilton 



Hilton launched the Waitographer programme that trains its servers in smartphone photography so they can record guests’ celebrations with sharp, colourful and vibrant images that display the correct composition. After completion of the training programme, team members will receive a certificate and a badge so that hotel guests can easily identify Waitographers while in a Hilton property and ask for their assistance when they wish to have their picture taken.

13 Deliveroo

One Star Cookbook

Agency: And Us

Full of dishes inspired by real online one-star reviews of delivery disasters, the book contains 36 unique creations made from real delivery mishaps. It reinforces how important an ingredient the delivery is for any dish, with each dish aiming to serve as a reminder of what Deliveroo works to avoid.

14 Fnp.ae 

T20 Cricket World Cup 

Agency: Pinstorm 

FNP’s broadcast campaign in the UAE, during the cricket T20 World Cup, featured 50 different ads, which were precisely custom designed for specific games between particular teams and for specific stages of each game. It made a very relatable connections with FNP and the sport through plays-on-words and cricket-specific jokes. 

15 Clorox 

Go Anywhere 

Agency: Horizon FCB Dubai

To prove that with the disinfecting power of Clorox you really can go anywhere, the brand found the only toilet for 52km in a very popular hiking destination in Ras Al Khaimah, and built a billboard offering free samples of Clorox on-the-go wipes with a message: “For when you really have to go”. 

16 Netflix MENA 

Stranger Things Season 4

Agency: Science and Sunshine 

The campaign included an eerie teaser video, projection of the interdimensional rift at AlUla for 24 hours and a live immersive experience with the recreation of scenes and sets in Jax District. The installations of the portal also made an appearance across several malls in KSA. 

17 KFC 

Colonel’s Shield 

Agency: Powe League Gaming 

KFC’s latest invention “Colonel’s Shield” is a new controller skin that will save gamers and their controllers from irreparable damage while munching.

18 Adidas 

Run the Oceans Billboard

Agency: Havas Middle East 

In line with the brand’s ongoing sustainability efforts, the movement offered that for every 10-minute run, Adidas’ long-standing partner Parley will clean up the equivalent weight of one plastic bottle from the oceans. A live counter on the billboard showed the minutes tracked on the Adidas running app. 

19 Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Outdoor Campaign 

Agency: Initiative/ Media Mix Advertising 

The out-of-home campaign
placed Warner Bros’ cheeky hoardings around competing theme parks in Dubai. Warner Bros’ characters, such as Tweety and Bugs Bunny, called out the visitors for visiting the other theme park and encouraged them to visit Warner Bros Abu Dhabi instead. 

20 Riot Games 


Agency: Living Room Dubai 

Living Room Dubai worked with Indian artist Shahul Hammed on the launch of Riot Games’ new agent Harbor for Valorant. Breaking stereotypes, Harbour was a cool Indian action hero rather than a tech nerd.