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The Annual 2022: The Top 10 YouTube videos

Google ranks the top 10 trending YouTube videos in the region.

The magic ring (part one)
Abdo Al-Selsili
In this wildly popular skit, comedy creator Abdo turns the loss of a musical lantern into the chance to explore the special powers given to him by a magic ring.

Shabab Al-Bomb S09E12 ‘Al-Jahed’
Gulf Rotana
Gaining a boost in popularity, this dramatic top trending video finds a group of friends realising that their friend Amer’s unusual behaviour has a deeper meaning than they imagined.

Mohamed Adnan defeats Messi, and Neymar takes revenge
Mohamed Adnan
Fans are well aware of Mohamed Adnan’s knack for football trivia, but did you know that he’s also a very talented player? Watch him test his skills against some of the world’s top athletes.

The strangest woman in the world
Fe Baytena Robot
This humorous snippet from the comedy ‘A Robot in Our House’ explores the lengths a woman will go to to fool her husband – including organising a cyborg wedding.

100 thousand Families
Are we surprised to see AboFlah outdo himself with yet another impressive charitable project? Definitely not. This time he aims to reach his ultimate goal of lending a helping hand.

Challenge: 30 hot Korean Indomie noodles
El Twins
Spicy food challenges are some of the most popular in the region, and for El Twins that’s no exception. In this iteration they must eat 30 bags of spicy noodles – and the loser gets his hair waxed.

7 We went to the pool with the baby for the first time
Hamdi and Wafaa Diaries
Hamdi and Wafaa’s family share the highlights of their daily routine, including the excitement of little baby Younes’s first time in the swimming pool.

My heart is orange, Basra is yours, and you are free
The viral Shorts trend ‘Eeh ya seto ana’ appeared in the ‘El Kebir awi’ series, but this time it’s ‘Kebir’ style.

24-Hour Challenge in the Car
Saud Channel
The Saud brothers always like to take things that much further. In this challenge they put a creative twist on spending 24 hours in a car – even converting it into a cinema.

10 The children from the movie For Zico are hosted by DMC Evenings
The talented kids from the movie For Zeko sit down for an interview with Masaa DMC to talk about their one-of-a-kind experiences and plans for the future.