The Advertising Business Group releases report on UAE’s state of transparency in Influencer Marketing in 2022

The Advertising Business Group (ABG) has released the report exploring the United Arab Emirates’ state of transparency in influencer marketing in 2022.

The influencer marketing industry is only set to grow further to $16.4 billion in 2022, according to ‘The State of Influencer Marketing 2022: Benchmark Report.’ Influencer Marketing focused platforms raised more than $800M in funding in 2021 alone, an indication of the industry’s significant growth.

Influencer marketing transparency has become a key focus for ABG for all the growth in this field. ABG is dedicated to uniting the industry around higher standards.

Building on the National Media Council’s Advertising Guide & Cabinet Resolution No. (23) of 2017 on media content, and with local industry support, ABG developed an Influencer Marketing Transparency Charter; and an industry-driven report presenting the challenges and opportunities the UAE faces with regards to transparency in the ad industry.

In addition to providing a snapshot of the current state of transparency in influencer marketing in the UAE, the report covers a variety of questions including tax considerations, influencer content ownership; as well as diverse perspectives on the issue, including influencers’, brands and self-regulatory organisations and global coordinating bodies for advertising self-regulation. To learn more about the state of transparency in influencer marketing in the United Arab Emirates, explore the full market study and report: HERE.