Team Red Dot partners with WebEngage

WebEngage, a full-stack retention operating system, announced its partnership with Dubai-based full-funnel marketing consultancy Team Red Dot. The partnership will enable Team Red Dot to provide its clientele with retention-marketing services by leveraging WebEngage’s full-stack solutions suite,  across the GCC region.

Team Red Dot’s core offerings, including integrated media planning and buying offering, performance media, lead generation and programmatic advertising, aim to benefit through the interplay with WebEngage’s retention operating system. WebEngage aims to help identify high-priority customer segments with RFM modelling or create on-demand segments based on customer personas and behaviours in real-time.

“Studies suggest that a mere five per cent rise in customer retention rates can increase profits by 25–95 per cent. Our partnership with WebEngage gives our clients access to a comprehensive acquisition and retention stack that facilitates meaningful interactions with customers throughout their journey, using real-time data, insights, and campaign activation. This capability is a valuable addition to our growing full-service offerings. The strategic partnership with WebEngage is a testament to our ascendency in media and advertising,” said Prashant Lodaya, General Manager, Team Red Dot.

“The partnership with Team Red Dot is part of our ambitious goal to be synonymous with marketing technology across sectors. Team Red Dot’s clients will soon attest to the feasibility of retention-led growth. Likewise, irrespective of sector, customer retention is becoming the holy-grail for marketers to pursue. However, it requires cutting-edge data and automation platforms, personalization engines, and omnichannel campaign orchestration systems, which we are proud to offer under a single, full-stack model,” explained Luis Kashyap, Global Director of Partnerships, WebEngage.