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TBWA/RAAD and Nissan unveil desert trash campaign

TBWA/RAAD and Nissan has launched a new environmental campaign called ‘Save our deserts too’.

The campaign aims to raise environmental issues that poses a real threat to our ecosystem and wildlife.

Nissan wanted to draw attention to the litter people leave behind in the desert and its dangers.

The brand used a unique visual metaphor of waves made from sand and waste, not to undermine conservation of the sea, but to bring to the surface another environmental issue that’s too often ignored and poses a real threat to our eco-system.

Nissan patrol is one car of choice for desert adventures of all types, from camping under the stars to dune bashing. 

However people litter whilst in the dessert. The brand wanted to draw attention to the litter people leave behind in the desert and its dangers.

The agency was able to create impact by drawing on the popularity of environmental messages that bring attention to the sea. They were able to create breakthrough communication for a lesser documented cause, the desert.

Their message was localised and targeted to the most relevant markets and desert goers during what is called desert season.

Creative Director: Sumanth Wilkins
TBWA\RAAD, Walid Kanaan, Chief Creative Officer
TBWA\RAAD, Wassim Abi Salloum, Managing Director – Nissan United
TBWA\RAAD, Bhaskar Bateja, Planning Director
TBWA\RAAD, Sumanth Wilkins, Creative Director
TBWA\RAAD, Rodrigo Scapolan, Associate Creative Director
TBWA\RAAD, Sanele Ngubane, Senior Copywriter
TBWA\RAAD, Romy Abdelnour, Head of Communications
TBWA\RAAD, Ezzat Habra, Creative Services Director