TBO links up with WebEngage

Global travel platform TBO.com has announced a partnership with marketing automation company, WebEngage.

Through the partnership, TBO.com will use WebEngage’s automation and artificial intelligence-machine learning tools, journey designers, and personalisation engines to allow their travel agents to serve their customers effectively.

The collaboration will also TBO.com to consolidate data, derive insights, and enable its travel agents to hyper-personalise customer engagement.

“Travel distribution platforms such as ours are ripe for technological adoption aimed at higher conversions and insights-led engagement.

“A marketing-automation innovator of WebEngage’s calibre as a solutions provider complements the scale of our operations and aspirations.

The partnership will enable us to deliver personalised services to our agents and partners and, through them, a multitude of travellers across the globe,” said, Gaurav Bhatnagar, co-founder and managing director, TBO.com.

Avlesh Singh, co-founder and chief executive officer, WebEngage said that business-facing companies must engage like they are directly dealing with customers.

“The next phase of B2B growth will hinge on superior customer experiences.

“Therefore, in tourism distribution, a unified view of agents, dynamic segmentation, and the ability to automate and orchestrate cross-channel communications at scale will constitute a competitive edge.

“Our partnership with TBO is built on that objective.”

TBO.com is a global travel distribution platform that aims to simplify the buying and selling travel needs of travel partners. It relies on proprietary technology that aims to simplify the demands of global travel by  connecting travel buyers and travel suppliers.