Strategic Growth Agency Grow announces Rebrand

Grow announces rebranding.

Grow announced its rebranding. The strategic growth agency is dedicated to scaling medium to large enterprises by implementing digital transformation across marketing, sales and retention.

Over the course of six months, a multi-faceted upgrade of the brand that fits the current needs of the industry took shape, solidifying the company’s new positioning in the market. Grow’s rebrand reflects their mantra of “unleashing your full potential”.

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With the launch of a new landing page, Grow is aiming to showcase the basis of their identity; reflecting their passion for visual storytelling and taking audiences on a positive journey, achieving their business goals along the way. Amid an ever-changing landscape, Grow is focused on digital-first solutions that ensure sustainable growth.

The rebrand puts B2B growth strategies to the forefront which follow the Grow Trifecta model. This model provides clients with a holistic strategy that improves all three growth areas of a business; marketing, sales, and retention, therefore leading to triple-digit, sustainable growth.

James Pardoe, CEO of Grow said: “A brand is more than colours and logos; it signifies the purpose and promise of a company. Every aspect of Grow’s rebranding is in line with our purpose of unlocking the full potential of every business we work with and our promise of planning out and executing strategies that have a positive impact on company revenues and growth. We look forward to embarking on this new journey and leveraging the Grow Trifecta formula, a unique and prolific approach that will help companies recover from the financial losses of 2020 and make 2021 a year of record growth.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for digital transformation, causing businesses to pivot where it is needed to fill gaps that emerged from the seismic shift towards digital. The rebrand of Grow comes at a time in which the need to evolve and adapt to the new normal has never been more evident. Today businesses are building more long-term digital strategies that will help them thrive, connect with their customers and deliver more ROI than short-term marketing initiatives.

Grow is positioned to support businesses in a post-pandemic world with seasoned experts that go beyond traditional methods of lead generation; instead fulfilling the entire gamut of marketing, sales, and customer retention with a big-picture approach to achieving sustainable growth.

Founded in 2012, with both a presence in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, Grow’s nine-year evolution has seen the company achieve the sophistication and finesse needed in today’s world of digital communication & customer experience. The company’s strength lies in creating informed strategies that go beyond just generating leads, to actually making a positive impact on company revenues and growth. Grow has a proven track record of increasing clients’ revenues two to three-fold.