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Steimatzky asks to ‘Disconnect for a while’ in their latest campaign

To promote Steimatzky’s book month in Israel, which offers a wide variety of books at a great price, the book chain created an outdoor campaign that looks like Netflix, Facebook and Instagram logos, suggesting it’s a good opportunity to disconnect from screen time for a while.

Steimatzky is the largest and oldest book chain in Israel, and this is the first and only campaign without the brand’s logo or colors in the brand’s 100-year history.


Client – Steimatzky
CMO – Shira Bachar

Agency – Havas Tel Aviv
Studio – Franck Abbu
Account Executive – Adi Goldstein
Account Supervisor –  Eden Malka
Media Manager – Lior Grintz
VP Clients – Sarit Ben-Tzur
Executive Creative Director – Daniel Bnaya
CCO, Co-CEO – Ben Sever
Co-CEO – Or Gleicher