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Billboard Arabia analyses regional topography to bring music to life

Billboard Arabia introduced Sounds of the Land, a music initiative that transforms the iconic landscapes of the Arab world into “unique and mesmerising” sounds.

Produced by creative and innovation agency SRMG Labs, the campaign launched with an ad immersing viewers in Billboard Arabia’s journey to blend science, art and technology.

To bring this “first-of-its-kind” project to life, Billboard Arabia collaborated with scientists and sound engineers to analyse maps and use topographic techniques to extract data from five  locations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

These were Al Ula in Saudi Arabia, Tafilah in Jordan, Tinghir in Morocco, Kadisha Valley in Lebanon, and Luxor in Egypt.

This data was then transformed into unique sounds, mirroring the distinct patterns of the landscapes onto vinyl recordings, allowing each location to be heard as an artistic expression.

Billboard Arabia created this campaign to celebrate the region’s rich natural beauty, with the goal of having the sounds featured and credited in future chart-topping hits.

Sounds of the Land has been sampled by more than 100 music producers, beatmakers, artists, and record labels from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas to create tracks.

The initiative reflects Billboard Arabia’s broader goal of spotlighting Arabic music.

Billboard Arabia plans to distribute the tracks created from Sounds of the Land across the major digital streaming platforms to allow the global music community to discover the region’s music culture.

Billboard Arabia has also invited artists and music producers to create their version of 1-minute tracks inspired by the Sounds of the Land. The samples can be downloaded  on the website and on Billboard Arabia’s official Soundcloud account.

Billboard Arabia is a music, culture and entertainment platform that was launched as part of a partnership  between SRMG and Billboard.