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Snickers launches first ever Hunger Insurance campaign by Impact BBDO Dubai

Snickers now insures you for the mistakes you make when hungry

Studies have shown that people don’t think straight when they’re hungry leading to loss of concentration, impaired focus and bad judgement. This makes hungry people more prone to mistakes, errors, mishaps, and blunders, the consequences of which can be troubling.

To help people cope with their blunders – and to make sure they don’t happen again – SNICKERS® has launched Hunger Insurance, the only insurance that covers you for the mistakes you make when you’re hungry. The first insurance of its kind. Whether it’s something small like losing your keys or a bit more severe like forgetting your anniversary, as long as you can prove you were hungry at the time, you’ll receive a payout of free SNICKERS® minus a small excess, of course. To make a claim, people have to visit the website, speak to the Hunger Insurance chatbot, provide a few details of their hunger blunder, and receive a coupon for payout of SNICKERS® redeemable at Circle K stores.

“The things is, up until today, Snickers has only ever really tried to help people avoid being out of sorts due to hunger but we know sometimes this is just inevitable, what then? So we decided to evolve a little and to take our campaign in a slightly different direction.”, said Ibrahim El Tawil, SNICKERS® Brand Manager, Saudi Gulf.

SNICKERS® worked with insurance underwriters and risk analysts to develop an algorithm to assess claims –factoring in things like time of day, mood, location, frequency and severity of the blunder. This data was then fed into a bespoke AI chatbot which analyzed thousands of keywords linked to hundreds of hunger-related incidents. All these factors added up to unique payout amount for each individual claim. The bigger the blunder, the bigger the SNICKERS® payout, ranging from 2X all the way up to 50X SNICKERS®.

“This campaign put a very different spin on traditional 1+1 promos, that historically only offered financial value to consumers with no real benefit to brand equity, and allows us to actually build equity with our promotions using our global creative platform. We achieved all this while also building a strong collaborative relationship with a key retail partner that would usually be uninterested in executing such equity building activities.”

The creative agency was Impact BBDO Dubai.