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Snapchat to roll out new AI feature ‘Dreams’

Image Credit: Snapchat

Snapchat is launching a new generative AI feature called Dreams.

Users can create fantastical images of themselves in different scenarios, such as a mermaid in a deep-seascape or a renaissance era royal. 

The feature allows users to use their own face to create up to eight of these Generated AI selfies. 

To get started with Dreams, snapchatters can head to Memories, where there’s a new tab for the feature. With a few selfies, individuals can create a personalised Generative AI model and start checking out their Dreams. 

Users will get the first pack of Dreams, which includes eight images for free. Afterwards, users can purchase additional packs for $1.

It’s first available in Australia and New Zealand and will be launching to all users globally over the next few weeks.

The social media platform is giving its users access to a concept that many AI photo apps on the App Store offer.

For example, Lensa rose to the App Store charts after its magic avatars went viral late last year. 

Another popular app, called Remini went viral last month as TikTok users realised they could upload their selfies and receive professional-looking headshots for LinkedIn without having to pay for a pro photo shoot.

Snapchat continues to expand its generative AI features. Earlier this year, the company launched its AI-powered chatbot My AI, which can now respond with a Snap back, not a text.