Smartifai brings increased attention to Dubai Holding’s COP28 message

Dubai Holding became the first brand in the MENA region to pioneer an attention solution under the climate change and sustainability vertical. 

Magna MENA and Smartifai embarked on a distinctive mission to effectively communicate Dubai Holding’s corporate message regarding COP28 and sustainability.

The challenge was to make this message resonate with the right audience in the appropriate context, ensuring that the entire communication process was not just heard but truly felt. 

Smartifai analysed contextual signals and addressable contexts to identify and engage users interested in topics related to COP28, sustainability, and climate change.

The objective was to minimise wastage and enhance efficiency in the campaign to maximise its impact.  

Smartifai captured contextual signals through the analysis of articles related to COP28 and climate change and delved into addressable contexts by examining opt-in social media users engaged in climate change and COP28 communities.

The technology identified the precise audience to target for Dubai Holding’s COP28 campaign in the open web ecosystem.

The campaign further employed ad formats such as In-Screen and In-Image ads to map users’ context and place them within the reading context. 

Smartifai also collaborated with Adelaide, a global attention measurement partner, to gauge the level of attention individuals gave to an ad. 

Smartifai and Adelaide’s analysis led to a campaign tailored for deep resonance with the target audience, achieving a doubled display CTR and a 50 per cent increase in ad interaction rate compared to the benchmark.

Furthermore, the campaign surpassed the global attention benchmark by 25%, highlighting the significance of capturing human attention in advertising, where the global benchmark stands at 22.26 AU.

Georges Oneissy, Senior Manager, Integrated Planning, Magna MENA, emphasized that “In a world where climate change often elicits yawns and disinterest, our innovative approach has proven that it is possible to transform such topics into compelling and attention-grabbing narratives.

“The campaign has not only exceeded the global benchmark but has also set a new standard for climate change communication.” 

Theodora Haddad, Senior Manager – Digital Marketing at Dubai Holding, further added that “Dubai Holding’s campaign has significantly contributed to the urgent cause of COP28 and sustainability, demonstrating that even the most challenging subjects can captivate and mobilise audiences with the right strategy and approach.

“This aligns with our commitment as an impact function, moving beyond mere marketing and siloed thinking into a forward-looking approach aligned with His Highness’ re-announcement of the year of sustainability for 2024, emphasizing our dedication to sustainable practices.” 

This commitment to excellence drives us to provide our clients with nothing but the most advanced and cutting-edge measurements in our campaigns,” highlights Santadip Roy, Regional Managing Director, Magna MENA.

“Empowering brands with innovation, we continue to redefine industry standards and ensure impactful results for our client partners.