Sherpa Communications supports hospitality brand Morpho Hotels & Resorts with its UAE market entry

The Dubai-based agency was appointed to deliver an integrated public relations and marketing campaign announcing the launch of the brand in the UAE.

In the midst of the pandemic, Sherpa Communications, a business consultancy and communications agency in Dubai providing PR services for companies within the UAE and Middle East region, was chosen by an Indian hospitality brand, Morpho Hotels and Resorts to deliver an integrated public relations and marketing campaign announcing the launch of the brand in the UAE with their local strategic partner, Wakira Investments.

The advent of the pandemic has brought about a change in a traveller’s expectations while choosing a hotel. The brand aims to revolutionize the hospitality industry in the region with the introduction of new hotels equipped with optimized and digitized operations with a strict adherence to the highest levels of hygiene and safety to deliver an exceptional experience for all its guests.

Inspired by the evolution of technology, the group will introduce five new properties in 2021 to cater to three types of travellers, ‘Morpho’ for business, ‘Crystal’ for lifestyle and ‘Vivid’ for luxury travellers.

Commenting on the win, Anastasiya Golovatenko, account director at Sherpa Communications said, “The hospitality market in the UAE is very saturated, and the only way to stand out from the competition is to offer innovative services in line with current customer needs. Morpho Hotels and Resorts, as the new-age hospitality brand is committed to redefining hospitality, and we are thrilled to partner with this game-changing industry player to offer our support with well-defined marketing strategies to help the brand with its official brand entry into the Middle East market.”

Dipinder Benjamin, CEO of Morpho Hotels and Resorts commented, “We are very excited to open our doors to travellers in the UAE. Despite the various challenges presented by the pandemic, we are committed to launch our next phase of growth, bringing with us a fresh approach to the hospitality industry. The Morpho brand will provide affordable and accessible accommodation with the highest service standards in conjunction with intuitive technology.”

The Morpho Group was launched in line with the quality and safety vision, all its properties will cater to the needs of every traveller and include advanced sanitation and hygiene guidelines to personalized services for those who value comfort, safety, and luxury. From providing a professional and experienced team for centralized reservations to a simplified booking system leveraging BI technology, Morpho will spoil all guests with a safe and immersive experience. Digitalized monitoring, contactless journey, curated experiences, bespoke loyalty and promotion programmes, enhanced F&B options, business & luxury leisure offerings – all of this will also be part of the Morpho journey at each hotel.

The first phase of the awareness campaign delivered by PR Agency in Dubai focused on establishing brand awareness in the UAE through quality storytelling to help Morpho Hotels & Resorts get in the game to gain market share, build trust and credibility. A large part of the campaign focused on providing Digital PR support complimenting SEO efforts, building authority and quality online visibility to support the brand with the brand’s website ranking, traffic, and leads generation.

Today, Sherpa Communications supports brands in varying industries such as Technology, Education, Business Consulting, Telecom, Health & Fitness, Innovation, Automotive and Lifestyle amongst others. In line with changing customer needs, apart from traditional PR services, the agency offers support with strategic Digital PR, SEO, translation services, creative campaigns, stakeholder and community relations, strategic content creation, digital activities and social media management in Dubai.