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Selling to businesses by using the B2C marketing handbook

Initiatives like Spotify Wrapped famously demonstrated an impressive display of first-party data by giving their users a glimpse of their behavior- a way to show off their taste in music to the world.

It plays on our inherent need for self-validation and to know what we’ve been up to the last year.

Many B2C brands have adopted these data-led campaigns.

TBO.com, a B2B travel distribution platform took a page out of the B2C brand’s marketing handbook.

TBO.com collected a lot of data and insights on the platform, where it connects travel buyers with more than a million travel suppliers across 100 countries.

Putting its data and insights to use, the platform decided to create its version of the Spotify Wrapped.

It partnered with WebEngage to roll out its year-end campaign, TBO Rewind.

The company collected the multiple data points and readied it for consumption by WebEngage’s platform.

It then used WebEngage’s Catalog feature to simplify the complicated data sets and suggesting changes to insert them into the WebEngage platform.

TBO.com showed individualised insights into the ‘Top Destinations Booked’ by individual bookers in the past year and showcased the ‘Top Destinations in Your Country’ based on bookings by all agents in 2023.

As part of the campaign, the platform illustrated the insights into a visually-appealing campaign.

The visual was received by thousands of travel bookers and demonstrated personalisation across 15 countries in 4 languages.

The campaign recorded higher open rates than the B2B industry average. The emails also achieved higher clickthrough rates through its Call-To-Action (CTA) button.

According to the platform, the campaign also brought back inactive customers to the portal.

Following the success of its campaign, TBO said that they would be conducting this as half-yearly initiative.