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Saudi journeys through the continents on Tourism Day

Credits: Imagination

Saudi Arabia hosted a two-day experience for UNWTO World Tourism Day 2023 from September 27th to 28th. The Saudi Ministry of Tourism partnered with Imagination to conceptualise and execute the event. 

Bringing in the tourism aspect to life, the event provided its guests with  a sensory global journey through five continents: Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Each of the continents featured kinetic sculptures and calligraphy that interpreted international poems in celebration of the Saudi Year of Arabic Poetry.

Guests were immersed in the culture and traditions of each continent through projected animations and live experiences, which included Australian Indigenous Dot Art, Japanese tea ceremonies and North African Henna art.

Finally, the guest’s journey ended with the experience of Saudi hospitality, Arabic coffee, and traditional music.

The experience was created a part of conference that brought together 40 speakers and hundreds of delgates to discuss global tourism and green investments. 

Credits: Imagination

The vision behind the journey

Patrick Reid, CEO, Imagination said, “Our aim was to bring guests on a global, cultural journey celebrating the diverse cultures and traditions that unite us, illuminating Saudi’s leadership position in tourism, while aligning with the UNWTO’s vision of people, planet and prosperity.

“Designing an immersive sensory experience ensured our guests went on a powerful and meaningful journey, creating memories that would last for years.”

As part of the event, the guests also enjoyed a gala dinner at At-Turaif, the UNESCO World Heritage site at historic Diriyah. 

At-Turaif, UNESCO World Heritage site at Diriyah

The evening featured immersive performances aligning with the themes of unity and will include calligraphy, piano duets, drum collaborations, orchestras, and a 100-strong Ardah ( Sword dance) performance.

“Our vision for World Tourism Day was to bring together guests from all across the globe for a truly immersive celebration of culture and heritage.

Tourism is a key component of Vision 2030 and Diriyah’s iconic At-Turaif Unesco World Heritage Site was selected as the stunning backdrop for a spectacular evening of music, gastronomy, and meaningful cultural exchange.

The main objective of tourism is to bring people together, deepen our understanding of our unique heritage, and experience what unites us all. This event delivered on that promise,”  said HRH Princess Deena Nahar Al Saud.


Client: Ministry of Tourism
Agency: Imagination