Roya TV introduces three new live channels

Roya TV  has announced the launch of three new live channels today. Roya will be adding the three new channels to its digital network.

The launch is part of the media group’s strategy to broaden its audience reach by engaging with its audience’s interests and aspirations.

The newly launched channels include, Haki Munawa (Diverse Stories), Hawal Al-Alam (Around the World), and Roya Palestine, are designed to deliver a diverse range of content to a global audience.

The first channel, Haki Munawa, features youth-oriented talk shows which will address contemporary socio-economic issues and digital trends in the countries Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan. The channel boasts a roster of 20 alternating activists and includes programs like Haki Tani, Hajji Thani, Haki Teens, Haki Seyasi and Kalam Thani.

The second channel, Hawal Al-Alam, will be showcasing curated documentary programmes coming from different regions to offer insights into various cultures.

The main highlighted programme titles of the second channel include Um Shanta, Ala Sat’h Al-Ard, Nokat Shaware’ Min Masr, Rahhalat Selfie, Ibn Hatouta, Akl wa Safar and Yabanji.

Lastly, channel Roya Palestine is dedicated to preserving Palestine’s history and memories. The channel will  feature programmes such as Atariqat Ghaza, Hikawatiyah, Bayt fi Filastin, Al-Su’al Al-Lawlabi and Ma Ba’d Al-Asr.

The channel will also documentary programmes that focus. on Palestine’s history, its civilisation, and the culture and customs of its residents.

The announcement of the three new channels shortly follows Roya Media Group’s launch of a 24-hour live news channel, which is currently in its experimental phase. 

The news channel launch was also a part of the media group’s strategy  to diversify its broadcasting media according to the needs of its target audience.

It is also a part of the group’s commitment to provide “unique media experiences” to its viewers and followers.

The three new channels  and the 24-hour news channels are available digitally on RoyaTV’s app and and website.